Perinatal Loss & Termination

You are most likely visiting this page because you have just received news that your baby will not be staying earthside with you, or you have made a decision about your body that is right for you. Either way, you are looking for support, guidance and someone to walk beside you through the experience of loss and bereavement…someone who believes in you and holds no judgement.

We provide holistic loss and bereavement support to all families and all births – no matter what gestation, trimester, stage or outcome!

Whether it’s stillbirth, miscarriage, termination, abortion or loss due to a ‘nonviable’ diagnosis, your body still birthed a baby, you are still a parent and you will still enter postpartum just as if you had your babe in your arms.

Are you looking for…

  • A friend, a sister, a supporter to walk beside you, and hold space for you as you birth your baby and process your baby’s birth and death?
  • Someone you can share your early birth story with who will believe in you and remind you of what an amazingly powerful, kickass parent you are?
  • Someone beside you who you can feel totally comfortable running through all of your options with, knowing that they won’t judge you for your decisions or choices?

If this sounds like what you are needing, we are here for you …always. Ready with support, information, and love to remind you of how powerful and strong you are as you focus on your healing.

Baby Loss Keeping
You have already birthed your darling babe…Support varies depending on where you are physically and emotionally as you process and heal from the birth and transition to postpartum. Packages are tailored to you and for you.
Body Autonomy Support (Termination/Abortion)
I meet you where you are in the process of deciding what’s right for you and your body, and support you in whatever way you need.
Virtual or Phone Support Only
Just need someone to listen…I do that really well!

Bereavement services are provided at NO charge. Donations are accpeted.

As a bereavement doula, I help with:

  • Family preparation to include loss education and coping plans.
  • Logistical and birth planning for miscarriage, birth at home, hospital admission and birth, memorial/funeral services, returning to work, home stabilization, and more.
  • Explaining the difference between grief, mourning, and depression.
  • Referrals for additional support such as therapists, photographers, financial assistance, support groups, and more.
  • Farewell Ceremonies Resources (laws and information for ways to say goodbye).
  • Remembrance, Keepsake assistance, Birth and Bereavement Announcements.

We care.
We support you.
We lovingly hold and honor space for you and your family.