Fourth Trimester

Transition into parenthood with support and confidence!

The postpartum period is such a delicate, special time. As a certified postpartum doula, I work with families who are interested in honoring The Fourth Trimester so they can heal both physically and mentally; while supporting baby’s delicate transition into world from womb. By the end of our working contract, you will feel cared for, confident in your role and prepared to move forward.

Postpartum support can be customized to include the unique support and nurturing you, such as: Mothering the Mother (emotional support, perineum healing, birth story processing), newborn care (bathing, sleeping, feeding, bonding), prep for healing postpartum meals, light housekeeping, laundry, organizing, and referrals for support groups, psychotherapy, classes, wellness, education to acquire the skills needed to care for your infant and in finding balance in your life as a parent.

I provide daytime support any day of the week.

Investment: $40 hr with 2, 4 and 6 week contract options


*Hiring a Doula is an investment into a healthier and happier birth and postpartum experience. Please do not allow financial constraints to make you second guess using a doula! At Womb of Creation, we are committed to doing our part to ensure that all birthing people have access to perinatal support services, including the support of a birth and labor doula. Please contact me so that we can discuss discount rates and payment plan options!